Lucky Charms of Dublin

This year’s Dublin St. Patrick’s Celebration was action packed.  Sponsored by the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, the festivities kicked off with a Summertime Amusements Carnival at the Dublin City Park.  Pageants were held for Little Miss, Junior Miss and Miss Dublin at the Old Jr. High Auditorium.  The weekend celebrations kicked off Saturday morning, March 12th in Downtown Dublin, and included many family fun activities such as a Parade, Gun Show, Irish Costume Contest, D & D Rockin’ Rods Car Show, Dog Show and other live entertainment.  Saturday afternoon brought a whole different level of entertainment at the Dublin City Park with the Cowboy Capital Roller Derby Girls at the City Park Pavilion and the much anticipated Bulls & Broncs Shootout at the City Park Arena.

To find out more about these and other upcoming events, call the Dublin Chamber at 254-445-3422 or visit their website at

bulls&broncs (80)

bulls&broncs (102)

bulls&broncs (134)

dogshow (11)

muttinbustin (9)

parade (33)

parade (106)

parade (113)

parade (116)

parade (119)

parade (123)

Scott'sStPat's (159)

Scott'sStPat's (222)

Scott'sStPat's (289)

Scott'sStPat's (333)

Scott'sStPat's (360)

Photos courtesy of Dublin Citizen