2015 Positively Dublin Chamber Banquet

The Dublin Chamber of Commerce held their annual Positively Dublin Chamber Banquet on January 26, 2015 in the old rock gymnasium. Award winners included: Faith in the Future of DublinThomson Services, LLC – Colin Thomson, Business Leader of the YearDublin Family Dentistry – Dr. Brandi Harris, Dublin Citizen of the YearClyde Shubert – DISD Maintenance Supervisor & Community Volunteer, Spotlight on ExcellenceDublin Corner Lot Gang Member Ike Wade – Business owner passionate about Dublin, Kenneth McDaniel “Hello My Friend”Myra Sojourner – Five Star Dairy Queen Field Rep., Billy Kloster Ambassador AwardLuke Wade – Hometown boy singing his way into the hearts of millions, and Volunteer of the YearMichael Haley – Good fellow with a heart for service.

2015 Chamber Banquet Shelby, Colton & Simms


2015 Citizen of the year Clyde Shubert & Coach Bob Cervetto


2015 Faith in Future


2015 Positively Dublin-08619


2015 Positively Dublin-08635


2015 Positively Dublin-08659


2015 Positively Dublin-08669


2015 Positively Dublin-08693


Dr. Schneider and Michael Volunteer of Year 2015

Photos courtesy of Plan-it ink