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Erath County Living magazine is published twice per year and distributed throughout Stephenville and Dublin. We produce each edition with exceptional quality and content to become long-lasting, coffee table-quality magazines.

The magazine is printed on high quality thick paper stock to give it a better feel and increased thickness. The spine of each publication is perfect-bound to resemble a book, and to hold together for many years to come. The covers are UV tinted to withstand exposure and maintain a quality our readers have come to expect.

Editions of each publication are proudly displayed throughout businesses, professional waiting rooms and state legislative offices around the area. Being area-specific, the content within the pages of each publication is sure not to become dated or out of style. Residents have stated that each edition is a legacy, holding information about its people and events that one can reflect on and show for years to come.

Erath County Living magazines are also given out in both newcomer and visitor packets for those moving to and visiting Erath County. Our goal is to get editions in the hands of all, and not just target some social circles.

cover-erath-summer2014-221x286We’ve added an online flipbook edition so you to can have the opportunity to flip through the pages of Erath’s premier publication. We’ll be adding past and future editions to the website to archive and digitally secure Erath County Living magazine for future generations to enjoy.

We would like to say Thank You for all those who’ve made Erath County Living possible.  We look forward to bringing you many more editions for years to come.  Please let us know if you have any article suggestions, or have an event you’d like featured in the pages.  Please include your contact information, as well as your article submissions contact information.

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