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Jim Sharp: A Bull Rider, Friend & Father

Most everybody has seen the popular movie, “Eight Seconds,” about bull riding, but more than that, the life and sudden death of a young bull rider.  Lane Frost was a traveling competitor and close friend to Jim Sharp and other bull riders, so the sunny afternoon that he was gored by the bull, “Takin’ Care of Business” is a technicolor photograph in the mind of hall of famer, Jim “Razor” Sharp of Stephenville, Texas.

“We generally traveled together in my van,” Jim said. “Although he’d climb on the toughest bull out there, Lane was always uneasy in a plane. We traveled together in the van whenever possible and those long miles on the road together made time for a lot of conversation. The van load of bull riders included Tuff Hedeman, Bull Riding Champion 1986; Lane Frost, Champion in 1987; Jim Sharp, Champion in 1988; and Cody Lambert, rough stock rider.

Small-town Success: The Rise of Twisted J

Twisted J is a brand that started with humble beginnings in Stephenville, Texas and rose to achieve worldwide appeal. Deriving its name with inspiration from the family’s surname and the family ranch, Cody and Luann Johnson started the Twisted J brand six years ago in the form of a boutique.

“It’s harder to make a living as a rancher than it used to be, and after my father passed away, I wanted to take the ranch in a different direction,” Cody said. “So, my wife and I came up with the name Twisted J, and we’ve sort of morphed into a clothing company.”

The boutique—which started out being operated by only Luann and the Johnsons’ eldest daughter, Bayli—quickly grew in popularity amongst Stephenville shoppers.

Stephenville’s Own Rat Rod

A fourth generation McCann in Erath County, Justin had never thought of building a vehicle from scratch, but this twenty-six-year-old year old strengths rooted and grew in the farming and ranching lifestyle. Building an automobile in thirty days and only spending $3,000 sounded like a good time to Justin. So he placed his name in a drawing in the 2015/2016 Rat Rod Build-Off contest. When his name was chosen to represent the great state of Texas, he knew he had to get serious.