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264Finding the secluded ranch and beautiful rambling home of Ted and Stephanie Nuce must be kin to going on safari. I’ve never been on a safari, but still the feeling must be about the same, traveling on unfamiliar trails through dense undergrowth and beautiful towering trees that must have stood there for centuries. The address for the Nuce home along with directions had been posted for me, but let me confess – I am really bad about following directions! In this case, I was distracted from reaching the Nuce ranch because of the birth of spring evident in every tree and bush along the paved road. I could hardly breathe for looking at the landscape. So after a few minutes of aimlessly staring out the window at all the beauty along the road, I resorted to a call from my cell phone to get more instructions. Eventually Stephanie said, “Just park there and Ted will come get you!”

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DSC_0419On a sprawling ranch in the small town of Burke, South Dakota, singer/songwriter, Rehme Sutton spent her childhood riding horses, roping cattle, and participating in the rodeo circuit. Everything centered around the cowboy culture, even the songs she sang for special music at her country Baptist church.

But it wasn’t until she received a guitar as a gift her sophomore year in college that she truly found her voice, both as a songwriter and a storyteller.

“Once I was able to play my guitar decent enough to accompany myself, I played it for the college rodeos,” Sutton said. “A friend and I would play at church services at the [local] college rodeos.”

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